Monday, May 30, 2011

Endearing and fearing

Monday, May 30, 2011
So these next few poems/ lyrics are a little embarrassing for me because they are more intimate, personal and graphic.  Touchy subjects so let you imagination flow

Karla Mera
All my ex-lovers
For all my lovers, I chose to leave
They chose to lead themselves away
I don't know why. Were they afraid?
was their only intent to get laid?
Now I'm longed for and sought after
say you miss me and my laughter
my smile, my tits, my body, my bliss
Make you want me, make you wish
I've not forgotten the good times
sex and lies
and grain and wine
I'm a sex god, a prodigy
of wit and clit

(Date: 2011     by: Karla Mera)

Just as we are now
Sweat soaked sheets, you are delightful
caress bare back, our kisses vocal
and he dreams beneath the harsh sun beams
I cast a shadow, watch the breathing
safe and sound I have no reason
why right now wouldn't be the perfect time to die
why right now wouldn't be the perfect place to lye
happy and floating around
hoping I don't hit the ground
Where we are sun rays do the kissing
for us, sun rays non stopping
so we can look back and say that was us
and no one saw us
Just as we are now
Holding my breath while you grasp my hand
Stare into your eyes
I know you know baby
I know the contours of your body
fingers slide on skin
Soulful healing
you girl are more than just endearing


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