Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Becoming Public With my Poetry

Wednesday, May 25, 2011
I have so many note books upon notebooks from age 12 to now of writings and poetry that i have hidden from the world because i was too shy and to afraid of criticism
I wasn't sure if I would be good enough in other peoples eyes and now at 21 I want to expose myself.
I want my Friends, Family and strangers to give me their input. I am proud of my writings, poetry and lyrics

and yes i have copy written all of these
if you like what you read let me know, if you know people who buy songs... tell them about me :)

So here is goes:

Standing, Walking, Flying
Standing is pointless
Walking is useless
Flying, well flying is a risk
A risk few are willing to take
... but the only way to succeed

(Date: unknown By: Karla Mera)

Put Down & Put Out
Cool air rides down my cloth-less back
You strum away on your guitar
(While) the clock continually complicates
I stare on, brushing off fate
please, just put down your guitar
We have run out of time
Let bare legs intertwine
Love can be found at the center of our souls
Where he's been every night, each one I wish I froze
One last time
Where'd you go?

(Date: 2007   By: Karla Mera)

If I could drink my night towards you
I would do it, I'd do you
Green and Grey eyes
and who between two thighs
If I should give in so easily
Sweep my off my feet
To your bed, set me free
In and out of self awareness
In and out, In and out
Bent limbs and in all fareness
putting out, making us both speechless

(Date: 2008   By: Karla Mera)


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