Monday, October 17, 2011

I now know what you went through

Monday, October 17, 2011 0
(You said)
your 19 and I'm 23
and all i wanna do is be free
but loving you is such a crime
that id rather be alone
that id rather die alone

Now I'm 22 and your 26
and all i wanna do... is do this
Prisoner of your selfish dreams
that id rather die alone
that id rather die alone

I've replaced you
and those drinking blues
you held so deep within
shunning all others to satisfy yourself

I've replaced you
with drinking too
shots of whiskey and wine
shunning all others to pleasure myself

Im at the exact point in where you left off
where we left off
a stubborn child being forced to grow up
traveling a distance because of love?

but I'm in love with you

This weeks Artist - URBS

This blog is dedicated to:

Artist: Urbs
For the Song: Tu Moi Aussi?

For not getting as many plays as they should be getting
this tune is the definition of "relax groove tunes" "chill music"
seduction with sounds of all sorts
the instrumentals conjoining together to make a masterpiece
even the slightests melodies hiding in the background are well written and choreographed
each instrument adding another level of musicianship, thoughtly planned out short melodies intertwining with one major riff
pure magic for the ears and keeps me on my toes

******* OUT OF 7 STARS RATING *******

The Burbs receive a: 5 *****

Good tunes to groove to

Take a listen to an artist who only currently has 17,933 on youtube
Take a look at their label G-Stone Recordings

Sunday, October 16, 2011

You want her back

Sunday, October 16, 2011 0
We never knew what love was for
until we met each other
not caring what it was for
was not our fault
carrying an un-heavy heart
tore us apart
I was you and you were me
living in a fantasy
briefly stepping aside of the world
to fulfill a young mans life
that last moments of freedom were spent without care
no more need to spare
i was looking for a lucky winner
you were looking for a..a...a

We never knew what love was for 
until we met each other
not caring what it was for
was not our fault
carrying an unheavy heart
is what set us apart
love forced into strangers
Where once before, if i do recall
you and i we at our beck and call
falling falling then falling hard
timing took it (all) away from us all
Say goodbye and take the blame
ill never understand what you thought that day

those last snapshot of freedom
are all i have

side note:
Timing was bad because i a school girl and you working on getting into the work force
So little time left to sit back and relax
but you pick up a young one; as a snack
where you still get the occasional thought
"I kind of (still) want her back"
... in the bed and under the covers
or even as my babies mother

but your attempt at stability
turned to frustrations and humilty
Demanding your presence
under so much stress
She was a keeper
but you just had to leave her
only made you want her more
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