Tuesday, November 23, 2010

The Business Look

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Hey Guys!
It's been a long time since I updated my creative self
hard t be creative
when you have to focus of so much work and a senior projectnone the less, I hope my fashion sense hasnt been altered

I call this the Look 1

It's my fall 2010 Business attire

I know we are headed to winter but it was really nice out tonight and i thought i looked cute

hope you like my fashion sense and enjoy the video i made for it

That great song you are hear is You & I by Quincy Vidal... a purchase act.  They are amazingly talented and unknown.  They have an album out and FREE for Downloading... but definitly support them

from 5 cents to 5 dollars! donate whatever you can... They are great and deserve every penning

Download the album here
and while you'r at it CHECK THEM OUT ON FACEBOOK

Until next time guys! stay creative
be happy with your unknown self

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Regaining the Self

Tuesday, November 2, 2010 2
(c) Karla Mera 2010
I've decided that this week i wanted to take control of where my photography was going.  As you can tell I am doing Sports Photography as my Internship and as much as it challenges me, and makes me work hard to get the perfect shot I have realized that it is not my cup of tea, AND I LOVE TEA!  Actually being forced to take photographs in general isn't what I want to do with my Photography, I found that I am more Artistic in the way I handle the photographs I take... whether it be for portrait photography, Band photography, Night photography etc... I want to be able to love the process of taking photos

(c) Karla Mera 2010

 ... but with the Sports photography

1) There is never enough light
2) the refs and coaches get mad when you use flash
3) I find myself hating my work
4) I definitely don't want to photograph as a career, just as a freelance photographer... if the project is right (which most of the time is, just not sports ) then im into it

Anyways as you can see I needed to step away from sports photography and do something that'll make me happy, and what makes me happy is having NEW photos of myself online, not just new candid photos... i am talking about new, artistic, professional photos.  Since there is a lack of photographers that want to take pictures of me (or take photos at all) i usually take my own photos which means i do all my self portraits

key word: talented photographer
(c) Karla Mera 2010

I love taking photos of myself, especially because I am to short to model, I can always model for myself and have the ability to rake control of how the final product comes out

That being said I am also helping a friend out with his up and coming Website that will have T-shirts, Hoodies, tote bads etc,  and he wants me to take the background photograph! So cool. especially when the website is launched it'll be my work.  There is still some time before that happens but until then here's what I have been working on.  I love just shooting photographs that interest me.  I like to make things look different then what they appear.

(c) Karla Mera 2010
Take for example Purchase College, Most students at Purchase College take photographs at the college but fail to make Purchase NOT look like Purchase, and it makes me upset when great photographer come here and do exactly that.  Make Purchase College NOT look like purchase, come on guys I know you're talented... TRY HARDER

It also feels good to be love what I do again.  I feel as though I sometimes fail at Sports photography and just want to give up.  I AM going to push through but i like to be creative and curious and I can't do that when I am given rules and restrictions.  I am an Artist, I demand I be treated like one.

Karla Mera's Room
The work (not of me) that you see are all taken at Purchase College and I am quite proud of them! makes me feel like I am doing something right. OH! and the last one is my messy apartment room, I am showing you this because I truly believe most genius's are messy slobs and im not the exception. As you know, I am a creative unknown

Let me know what you think, I'D LOVE TO HEAR YOUR FEEDBACK AND definitely take a gander at the Facebook page

ps- Should I revive the Myspace page?

all links in this blog are linked to talented photographer i adore and think you should check out, that or Purchase College Facebook Page


Wednesday, October 27, 2010

The Elderly & a kind Man

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Michael Garber is a man professor who teaches film and theater at Purchase College and volunteers his time to helping and singing to the elderly at the white plains center for nursing care

He is the music outreach program director who have a Purchase College Alum and student join him on Mondays & Wednesdays

Most of the people they see have dementia or Alzheimer's but Michael Garber follows the work of Dr John Diamond by giving love to people is the best way to heal

They Sing Blue Moon and You are my sunshine and other love strenghtening songs to the patients
Garber's method is not based on how talented of a singer or performer you are

Michael Garber is a creative unknown, following the teaching of a very special kinf of healing I thank him for doing such a wonderful thing and contributing to the elderly and he inspires me to so great things

Sun Kissed Skin - A writing short (circa 2007)

honestly where do we go from here? everything we do is unnoticed except by a select few who know what's going on, everyone else wants to believe that nothing occurs in this small bubble of a town but their ignorance blinds them. Sometimes i wish i could be exposed, that everything that i do is brutally unfolded infront of them and then i could finally show my true feelings. You're just a bad habit to me but yet i dont want to give up on it. Get out of me... you're still somehow with me. Days go by slow now and seem so basic and everything hits me harder than ever before but ive learned to keep it inside of me, which is just fine because in my heart i know we are both not ready for this. No matter how tough i may act im just a dainty girl longing for something to hold on to. Always, i know i keep pushing people back...but please know that this is a defense mechanism that no one can comprehend, and im sure you know what i am talking about...our mean jokes towards eachother are covered in a thin layer of care that none but only us can see.

isnt it ironic how me trying to subconciously hurt you only ends up hurting me? Every song sings my life away and every tear i've ever shed since the beginning was for this situation i am stuck in. All of this is irrelevant and i never say what i mean but somehow it's clear to one who knows me best and they don't even know that they know me the best. So i should say what i mean but you already know

and when i saw you today...i wished i was your skin and you were the sun, because the personification of sun kissed skin seems better than reality. In most cases i want to be the metaphors, similies and other literary vocabulary used and written by writers writting about love in its most purest form. Give me a moment, but i am a sorry story..almost a lost cause to some but even when i had a chance i did not go forth, Even though my motionless body was hovering over your helpless sleeping breath i never did the wrong that i knew i was supposed to do. But i'll admit...I've never seen a morning as beautiful as i did today

What i do wont be in Vain, One day it will all account for something

As for now i displace all my morals and instinct into what i know is not right but at the same time perfect...im just being greedy and selfish.
Can i tell you that i know we are destined to know and have eachothers presence with us for the rest of our lives no matter what the cirsumstance

Your secret needs to finally be let out and you need to let me know, I know that your conscious will prevail and tell me what you feel. Your embrace wont cut it anymore, well maybe for now but one day it wont. The lifesyle you lead is not in tune or up to par to fill my needs. Were you wrong to drag me along? yes but it's ok because i forgive you and without it i would not know what it was meant to feel alive

i know this is not the last time we have this occurance, not for a long time and you cant force yourself to feel something that just isn't right

any question i ask i always need a reply.

you're just overwhelming, im thinking i need to hold someones hand along the way, and not just any hand

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Willow Smith: a Former C.U.

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Where on earth did Willow Smith come from?
Willow Smith, at just  9 years old went from becoming a creative unknown, to a known.

Willow Smith

Born October 31st 2000 from parents Actor and Rapper Will Smith (father) and Singer/ Actress Jada Pinkett Smith (mother) she is quickly becoming a force to be reckoned with.

Willow Smith Website

The Whip my Hair Video by Willow Smith was directed by Ray Kay who also directed videos for Lady GaGa's poker face and Justin Beiber's Baby music video.  Willow's Whip my Hair song sounds like Rihanna mixed with Lil' Mama.  The video itself is entertaining to watch with incredible dance moves, paint splatters using hair and hair extensions and Willow's stage presence is undeniable

Whip My Hair has only been on the Internet for a Month and it's a Viral Sensation.... Haven't seen it? Take a look!  Since Oct. 18th 2010 when it went viral it already has 7million hits on YouTube and that's just one place you can find the video

Willow says that her style is pink rock mixed with preppy and this is no surprise since Willow's Mother, Jada Pinkett Smith, is a rocker as well with her song Bleed all over me by Wicked Wisdom ho also have other rock songs to jam out to

Music and the arts runs in Willows Family so it's still no surprise with actor/rapper Will Smith as her father who met mother, Jada Pinkett, singer/ actress and now her brother Jaden Smith only one year older than her starring in movies such as the Karate Kid... Fame is in her future

Willow told AP: “I wanted to make a difference now, (and) because I wanted to be big and famous like my mommy and daddy and help people. I would go on tour with them and watch them and I'd be like, 'Oh my gosh, that's what I wanna do’.

She is also not afraid to be herself and wants others to be themselves too noting that she was also surprise at the success of her "Whip my Hair" Video and claims that people are exciting about individuality, which may inspire people to be individuals
Such as Lady GaGa where people praised her for being different, now the youngest of the Individuals has stepped out into the spotlight for being a breath of fresh air, and to think she is only 9 YEARS OLD!

"Willow said she wants her music to help everyone to follow his or her own path, "to be individuals and do what they think is good and just be themselves."

With all the success there are bound to be re makes, spoofs and what not of the Music video and here's one on YouTube of other talented young girls dancing to the song.  Good Stuff, looks like other kids can be just like willow and be fierce

(( check out more videos of little girls dancing to Willow Smith's "Whip my Hair" song HERE ))

Check out Willow on her Facebook, Twitter Page, Live stream and Website

Buzzfeed also posted a funny post HERE claiming it is hard to distinguish Willow Smith from her father Will Smith.  I laugh hard when I saw this

To Willow Smith...
creative, inspiring, and motivated.  At such a young age she went from a creative Unknown to a creative known and for that we congratulate you


I am pretty sure Willow Smith didn't write that song "Whip my hair" and that most likely someone wrote it for her, if anyone knows who wrote it please let Creative Unknowns know
Saying that, I see potential in Willow. She is just so young and surprises me with how much she puts into her work.  Keep and eye out for her.  Miley, Bieber and whoever else.... Watch out!

And since her birthday is on Halloween, you might wonder what she is being for Halloween.  well, how creative or uncreative is this: She told 106 and park that she plans on being Herself this Halloween.  That doesn't sound like a bad idea, I hope she Whips her hair back and forth

Sunday, October 24, 2010

Soccer Photography

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Hey Guys
Long time no post
I actually lost my memory card and uploader recently so I can't post anything new, especially my photography, which is the main reason for this blog

So instead here is a few of my past soccer/ sports photography i took when I first began with my Internship with the Athletics Department at Suny Purchase

( Player 7 - Sebastian Ribero )

these photos are my favorites and I think they capture what I wan't from taking sports photography

( Player 4 - Nick Esposito ) 

I really love to get the perfect shot with these soccer photos, which is actually quite difficult because she only have a second, if that, to take the shot and once the moments gone... it's gone.  Like any kind of photography it's all about capturing the moment but this could be a little bit harder

( Player 15 - David Buckingham )

Also making the soccer players good while I take the photo is always what I am to do, I try (KEY WORD) to make sure they are not making a silly face because then I know they will hate it, even though it might be a great shot... plus who doesn't want to look attractive while making that goal?

( Player 10 - Michael Beckett )

I LOVE taking photographs for the Soccer Teams because I used to play soccer and it's really exciting when I get real close and the ball almost hits me

( Player 7 - Sebastian Ribero )

These games get so intense and so exciting you can't help but get some great shots.  The Purchase College Soccer Team have some great players.

So let me know what you think, what I should change, if my pictures make these players look good.  I definitely want your input.  Sports Photography is new to me so I would love to criticism, I think


Sunday, October 17, 2010

Fashion in the Fall

Sunday, October 17, 2010 0
As a self declared creative unknown
I believe that creativity comes through all forms of life
this includes FASHION

Fashion is today's world can't be described until years from now when we look back and say... "What the hell was I thinking?" such as all fashions throughout the years

Im no fashionista (though I wish i was or had the money to be one) I do own a lot of clothes and jewelry and today my creative self actually picked out an outfit that i was inspired to wear due to the Fall cold weather, lack of clean clothing and my obsession with my jean jacket.  In other words I liked what I was wearing today!

I feel like everyone one can and should express themselves through their clothing
no words
no actions
just clothes

Can you take a guess at who I am as a person with todays outfit? describe what kind of characteristics i give off or portray. Let me know thanks!

This is my creativity through the form of clothing, style and my own personal fashion sense

Fashion gives creativity a new platform to be performed on
life is a stage
make the most of it, and make sure you look good doing it

I know most people think that they don't own ANYTHING! I feel the same way and often catch myself saying "I hate my clothes" but i can put a good outfit together here and there, I think thinks others can do the same as well.  Just keep experimenting your clothes and if all else fail, switch unwanted clothes with friends.  Reduce, Re use and Recycle your clothes

The Jean Jacket was from Kohl's (I often wear this jacket. I love it!) and Kohl's has some cute things out. so i would definitely check them out, Im the kinda bargain hunter fashionista, if you could even call me one) If It's under 12 bucks I will most likely want it.  I also hoard my clothes, I have some stuff since 7th grade

Jean Jacket - Kohl's
Salt and Pepper Sweater - American Apparel
Leggings - American Apparel

I just saw this but another inspired look with a jean jacket, i think it is similar to my outfit, i'll definitly wear something like this once the weather gets warmer, not gor a while ugh!

(Cool jean jacket outfit with awesome black leggings)

(no make up)

I used to work at American Apparel so I own a decent amount of clothes from there but honestly you can pull this look with just about anything lying around. In my opinion every girl should have a good pair of black leggings. ALWAYS! Also if this blog taught you anything I hope it teaches you that you should own a jean jacket, bargain hunt and be happy with the clothes you have, some people don't even have clothes.  But I'd love to see what others are wearing! show what you got!

                                                                           ( I look like a fatty here haha)

Nay or YAY???, you decide....
would you wear this outfit? post your fall outfits!

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Sports Photography

Wednesday, October 6, 2010 0
(( Golf ))

Some of my Sports Photograpgy can be found at the Purchase College Athletics Flickr account
PLEASE go there and take a peek and comment
tell them I am the best :)

These are a few Golf Photographs I took for the Purchase College Men's Golf Team 2010

Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Karla Mera Photography

Wednesday, September 29, 2010 0
I've been a photographer ever since Senior year of High School
being a late up I consider myself to be an excellent photographer
in fact, I excelled greatly

(c) Karla Mera Photography 2009

It's one of my few forms of Arts I am very confident in. Not shy to brag about

(c) Karla Mera Photography 2009

I began doing band photography as I grew up photographer for Big D and the Kids Table, Streetlight Manifesto and other various artists, not to mention every time I went to a concert I would always take photographs

(c) Karla Mera Photography 2009

Even now, I go around and take photographs of what interests me and try to do things differently than most photographers.  Like most people I used to say that I like to photograph people

( Musician Barney Johnson)

but then I was told, that that was vague.  There are people everywhere. How do you want to photograph people? I was asked. And still unsure I will work to find my answer

( musician Marco Llamas )

I guess though, as of right now, my heart still belongs to musicians and photography bands and other artists.  Those are my roots

* RECENTLY: my Mac computer crashed.  I lost a lot of my work.  It stored all of my work  from the past year where I took a digital photography class and a photojournalism class, and as devastating as it was i still have my skills....

( Jonas Brothers In NYC )

( Denzel Washington in NYC )

and a few of my Paparazzi photos left, from my days as a Paparazzo

I am currently doing new work as a Sport photographer for the Athletics Department in Suny Purchase and will post photos of my work soon enough

if you like what you see go ahead and Like my photography Page: Karla Mera Photography
become a fan, leave comments, and follow the blog

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Culture Shock 2010 Lineup announced and 2010 FOOD VENDORS

Tuesday, March 23, 2010 0
culture shock line up video!!! 1 of 3

Now that 2010 culture shock is coming up here at Purchase College, it means that new elections are under way! which I am excited about because I will be running, and with all the changes going on through out the PSGA i feel as if there are a lot of good people running this year, both with mec, gpc and other executive positions]so keep ypur ears open and choose who you feel is right

CUlture shock to me is an experience and that is what people vote for, Culture Shock helps the students escape into a world that is truly the core of Purchase College and I really hope we see some exciting things

NEWS to come! OAPIA interview with Josh Kahn and me! talking about running for the Position of MEC...this will be a 2 part interview since i got a lot of video with him
Also ...


Culture Shock Food Vendors 2010

1.) Schnitzel & Things - Vendi Award wining Chicken and Pork Schnitzel.  Great for vegetarians/vegans as well with austrian potato salad, yukon golden fries, roasted beets and feta salad plus more!  Featured on the food channel and soon to be featured on Bizarre Foods with Andrew Zimmerman  (German/ Austrian dish)

2.) Juan's Anticuchos - Hispanic style beef shish Kebob, 2 sticks with meat and a side of 2 sliced potatoes.  Price Range $1.50-4

3.)  Brown Rice Family - Returning once again, Asian Jamaican Mixed food, All organic brown rice, asian curry, steamed vegetables, organic japanese rice ball, green tea cookies and green tea.  Price range $2-7

4.) Brenda Watts Deep Fryer and Grill - (10x10 tent 3 table top deep fryers w/ a grill set up) Turkey Burgers and Sausages,  fresh cut fries with cheese, foot long hotdogs, funnel cakes, fried oreos,  lemonade and Ice tea for beverages.  Price range $2-5

5.) The flavor vault - Kosher mini donuts made with non hydrogenated oil.  Flavors include plain, powered, cinnamon and more. $3 for a bag=dz with ice tea, lime aid and water for beverages.  Price range $2-3

6.) Carnival Food - Sam's choice

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