Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Karla Mera Photography

Wednesday, September 29, 2010
I've been a photographer ever since Senior year of High School
being a late up I consider myself to be an excellent photographer
in fact, I excelled greatly

(c) Karla Mera Photography 2009

It's one of my few forms of Arts I am very confident in. Not shy to brag about

(c) Karla Mera Photography 2009

I began doing band photography as I grew up photographer for Big D and the Kids Table, Streetlight Manifesto and other various artists, not to mention every time I went to a concert I would always take photographs

(c) Karla Mera Photography 2009

Even now, I go around and take photographs of what interests me and try to do things differently than most photographers.  Like most people I used to say that I like to photograph people

( Musician Barney Johnson)

but then I was told, that that was vague.  There are people everywhere. How do you want to photograph people? I was asked. And still unsure I will work to find my answer

( musician Marco Llamas )

I guess though, as of right now, my heart still belongs to musicians and photography bands and other artists.  Those are my roots

* RECENTLY: my Mac computer crashed.  I lost a lot of my work.  It stored all of my work  from the past year where I took a digital photography class and a photojournalism class, and as devastating as it was i still have my skills....

( Jonas Brothers In NYC )

( Denzel Washington in NYC )

and a few of my Paparazzi photos left, from my days as a Paparazzo

I am currently doing new work as a Sport photographer for the Athletics Department in Suny Purchase and will post photos of my work soon enough

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