Tuesday, November 23, 2010

The Business Look

Tuesday, November 23, 2010 0
Hey Guys!
It's been a long time since I updated my creative self
hard t be creative
when you have to focus of so much work and a senior projectnone the less, I hope my fashion sense hasnt been altered

I call this the Look 1

It's my fall 2010 Business attire

I know we are headed to winter but it was really nice out tonight and i thought i looked cute

hope you like my fashion sense and enjoy the video i made for it

That great song you are hear is You & I by Quincy Vidal... a purchase act.  They are amazingly talented and unknown.  They have an album out and FREE for Downloading... but definitly support them

from 5 cents to 5 dollars! donate whatever you can... They are great and deserve every penning

Download the album here
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Until next time guys! stay creative
be happy with your unknown self

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Regaining the Self

Tuesday, November 2, 2010 2
(c) Karla Mera 2010
I've decided that this week i wanted to take control of where my photography was going.  As you can tell I am doing Sports Photography as my Internship and as much as it challenges me, and makes me work hard to get the perfect shot I have realized that it is not my cup of tea, AND I LOVE TEA!  Actually being forced to take photographs in general isn't what I want to do with my Photography, I found that I am more Artistic in the way I handle the photographs I take... whether it be for portrait photography, Band photography, Night photography etc... I want to be able to love the process of taking photos

(c) Karla Mera 2010

 ... but with the Sports photography

1) There is never enough light
2) the refs and coaches get mad when you use flash
3) I find myself hating my work
4) I definitely don't want to photograph as a career, just as a freelance photographer... if the project is right (which most of the time is, just not sports ) then im into it

Anyways as you can see I needed to step away from sports photography and do something that'll make me happy, and what makes me happy is having NEW photos of myself online, not just new candid photos... i am talking about new, artistic, professional photos.  Since there is a lack of photographers that want to take pictures of me (or take photos at all) i usually take my own photos which means i do all my self portraits

key word: talented photographer
(c) Karla Mera 2010

I love taking photos of myself, especially because I am to short to model, I can always model for myself and have the ability to rake control of how the final product comes out

That being said I am also helping a friend out with his up and coming Website that will have T-shirts, Hoodies, tote bads etc,  and he wants me to take the background photograph! So cool. especially when the website is launched it'll be my work.  There is still some time before that happens but until then here's what I have been working on.  I love just shooting photographs that interest me.  I like to make things look different then what they appear.

(c) Karla Mera 2010
Take for example Purchase College, Most students at Purchase College take photographs at the college but fail to make Purchase NOT look like Purchase, and it makes me upset when great photographer come here and do exactly that.  Make Purchase College NOT look like purchase, come on guys I know you're talented... TRY HARDER

It also feels good to be love what I do again.  I feel as though I sometimes fail at Sports photography and just want to give up.  I AM going to push through but i like to be creative and curious and I can't do that when I am given rules and restrictions.  I am an Artist, I demand I be treated like one.

Karla Mera's Room
The work (not of me) that you see are all taken at Purchase College and I am quite proud of them! makes me feel like I am doing something right. OH! and the last one is my messy apartment room, I am showing you this because I truly believe most genius's are messy slobs and im not the exception. As you know, I am a creative unknown

Let me know what you think, I'D LOVE TO HEAR YOUR FEEDBACK AND definitely take a gander at the Facebook page

ps- Should I revive the Myspace page?

all links in this blog are linked to talented photographer i adore and think you should check out, that or Purchase College Facebook Page

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