Monday, October 17, 2011

I now know what you went through

Monday, October 17, 2011 0
(You said)
your 19 and I'm 23
and all i wanna do is be free
but loving you is such a crime
that id rather be alone
that id rather die alone

Now I'm 22 and your 26
and all i wanna do... is do this
Prisoner of your selfish dreams
that id rather die alone
that id rather die alone

I've replaced you
and those drinking blues
you held so deep within
shunning all others to satisfy yourself

I've replaced you
with drinking too
shots of whiskey and wine
shunning all others to pleasure myself

Im at the exact point in where you left off
where we left off
a stubborn child being forced to grow up
traveling a distance because of love?

but I'm in love with you

This weeks Artist - URBS

This blog is dedicated to:

Artist: Urbs
For the Song: Tu Moi Aussi?

For not getting as many plays as they should be getting
this tune is the definition of "relax groove tunes" "chill music"
seduction with sounds of all sorts
the instrumentals conjoining together to make a masterpiece
even the slightests melodies hiding in the background are well written and choreographed
each instrument adding another level of musicianship, thoughtly planned out short melodies intertwining with one major riff
pure magic for the ears and keeps me on my toes

******* OUT OF 7 STARS RATING *******

The Burbs receive a: 5 *****

Good tunes to groove to

Take a listen to an artist who only currently has 17,933 on youtube
Take a look at their label G-Stone Recordings

Sunday, October 16, 2011

You want her back

Sunday, October 16, 2011 0
We never knew what love was for
until we met each other
not caring what it was for
was not our fault
carrying an un-heavy heart
tore us apart
I was you and you were me
living in a fantasy
briefly stepping aside of the world
to fulfill a young mans life
that last moments of freedom were spent without care
no more need to spare
i was looking for a lucky winner
you were looking for a..a...a

We never knew what love was for 
until we met each other
not caring what it was for
was not our fault
carrying an unheavy heart
is what set us apart
love forced into strangers
Where once before, if i do recall
you and i we at our beck and call
falling falling then falling hard
timing took it (all) away from us all
Say goodbye and take the blame
ill never understand what you thought that day

those last snapshot of freedom
are all i have

side note:
Timing was bad because i a school girl and you working on getting into the work force
So little time left to sit back and relax
but you pick up a young one; as a snack
where you still get the occasional thought
"I kind of (still) want her back"
... in the bed and under the covers
or even as my babies mother

but your attempt at stability
turned to frustrations and humilty
Demanding your presence
under so much stress
She was a keeper
but you just had to leave her
only made you want her more

Thursday, August 4, 2011

where the fire flies congregate

Thursday, August 4, 2011 0
fields of open space
in universal darkness
where only neon flashes escape
beneath the stars they are amongst them
where the fire flies congratgate
in hopes to procreate
span out for miles
at night where the wilderness is wild
and forever they search for a mate
in hopes they arent tricked
by predators who will end their fate
Lonely lovers soaring around
in pitch black summer cool
without a sound
There is no light to guide their ways
they are that light which never fades
Let them be found for what they are
a tiny insect with one incentive
that they'll find love no matter how far
in this time of stars and light
On my bike I ride along
I watch the show of a glowing fight
how beautiful is today's tonight
and as i quickly ride on home
I hit one on my handle bars.
late arrival i assume,
poorly realizing what I've caused
tonight someone will go home alone

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

The R Files

Tuesday, June 21, 2011 0
On the eve of some December a few years back I felt something I never felt before.
True heartache. I grabbed a small notebook to fill it with drawings and excerpts of how I was feeling at the time until the day i stopped feeling it and I dedicate it to the one who made me grieve so much... it's an on going project and always will be but I want to shed some light onto some of the writings.  He will one day get the entire notebook just not today.

He is the Blinded one, the one chosen to search forever

You can have me
You had me, you have me. With or without me

Don't lie to me
Don't lie to me
I believe we're at a standstill
I believe this is goodbye
so if you can only hold me
if you could only hold me one last time
you can feel me die
and I'll hold onto that whiskey legacy

after all the fools
I still prefer you
good for nothing, heartbreaking jew
(I thought of you today, much to my dismay)

Just a Woman
Now I'm just a woman... in your arms
I'm beggin' and pleadin'
(now) please don't be leavin'
me nooo harm
Now I'm just a woman... in your arms
I'm beggin' and pleadin' and screamin' and bleedi'
don't leave
me nooo harm

The Truth
I want to know the truth. I want to know your lies.
I want to know if you ever cared when I was by your side

Share your thoughts of heart aches and lost loves.....


Monday, May 30, 2011

Endearing and fearing

Monday, May 30, 2011 0
So these next few poems/ lyrics are a little embarrassing for me because they are more intimate, personal and graphic.  Touchy subjects so let you imagination flow

Karla Mera
All my ex-lovers
For all my lovers, I chose to leave
They chose to lead themselves away
I don't know why. Were they afraid?
was their only intent to get laid?
Now I'm longed for and sought after
say you miss me and my laughter
my smile, my tits, my body, my bliss
Make you want me, make you wish
I've not forgotten the good times
sex and lies
and grain and wine
I'm a sex god, a prodigy
of wit and clit

(Date: 2011     by: Karla Mera)

Just as we are now
Sweat soaked sheets, you are delightful
caress bare back, our kisses vocal
and he dreams beneath the harsh sun beams
I cast a shadow, watch the breathing
safe and sound I have no reason
why right now wouldn't be the perfect time to die
why right now wouldn't be the perfect place to lye
happy and floating around
hoping I don't hit the ground
Where we are sun rays do the kissing
for us, sun rays non stopping
so we can look back and say that was us
and no one saw us
Just as we are now
Holding my breath while you grasp my hand
Stare into your eyes
I know you know baby
I know the contours of your body
fingers slide on skin
Soulful healing
you girl are more than just endearing

Friday, May 27, 2011


Friday, May 27, 2011 0
I saw Gattaca again the other day and felt inspired to write a poem I titled of coarse, Gattaca.
I'm quite proud of it.    Also attach are some older writings from my youth.

The concept of body and mind
in which we intertwine
our thoughts and actions
are only a fraction
of what the universe holds
Choosing to hide and deceive
what humans normally perceive
Shunned from actuality
only to be protected by practicality
What is real anymore?

(Date: 5/25/2011   By: Karla Mera)

Flowers all around me and I need to be watered
Petals puling slowly . To know is to be deflowered
I know he knows that I can't be consoled
for him I'm not the only bud that lost its soul

(Date: 2008   By: Karla Mera)

Untitled - inspired by  Women's Studies class
You got those crazy eyes again
Darlin' you got me beggin'
Tell me where my place is
Scream and tell me how dumb I is
Because when you touch me it hurts
When I hold you it hurts
and for some strange reason I don't work
I do everything right, so wrong
And for some strange reason we don't work
Someday honey you'll be gone
on that day I'll know we were wrong

(Date: 2/11/2009     By: Karla Mera)

Currently I am watching Lady GaGa's Inside the Outside special and though I am not the biggest fan of her music (I do Love most of her songs) I respect her as a self made artist, business women, entrepreneur and motivator. She's great

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Becoming Public With my Poetry

Wednesday, May 25, 2011 0
I have so many note books upon notebooks from age 12 to now of writings and poetry that i have hidden from the world because i was too shy and to afraid of criticism
I wasn't sure if I would be good enough in other peoples eyes and now at 21 I want to expose myself.
I want my Friends, Family and strangers to give me their input. I am proud of my writings, poetry and lyrics

and yes i have copy written all of these
if you like what you read let me know, if you know people who buy songs... tell them about me :)

So here is goes:

Standing, Walking, Flying
Standing is pointless
Walking is useless
Flying, well flying is a risk
A risk few are willing to take
... but the only way to succeed

(Date: unknown By: Karla Mera)

Put Down & Put Out
Cool air rides down my cloth-less back
You strum away on your guitar
(While) the clock continually complicates
I stare on, brushing off fate
please, just put down your guitar
We have run out of time
Let bare legs intertwine
Love can be found at the center of our souls
Where he's been every night, each one I wish I froze
One last time
Where'd you go?

(Date: 2007   By: Karla Mera)

If I could drink my night towards you
I would do it, I'd do you
Green and Grey eyes
and who between two thighs
If I should give in so easily
Sweep my off my feet
To your bed, set me free
In and out of self awareness
In and out, In and out
Bent limbs and in all fareness
putting out, making us both speechless

(Date: 2008   By: Karla Mera)
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