Tuesday, June 21, 2011

The R Files

Tuesday, June 21, 2011 0
On the eve of some December a few years back I felt something I never felt before.
True heartache. I grabbed a small notebook to fill it with drawings and excerpts of how I was feeling at the time until the day i stopped feeling it and I dedicate it to the one who made me grieve so much... it's an on going project and always will be but I want to shed some light onto some of the writings.  He will one day get the entire notebook just not today.

He is the Blinded one, the one chosen to search forever

You can have me
You had me, you have me. With or without me

Don't lie to me
Don't lie to me
I believe we're at a standstill
I believe this is goodbye
so if you can only hold me
if you could only hold me one last time
you can feel me die
and I'll hold onto that whiskey legacy

after all the fools
I still prefer you
good for nothing, heartbreaking jew
(I thought of you today, much to my dismay)

Just a Woman
Now I'm just a woman... in your arms
I'm beggin' and pleadin'
(now) please don't be leavin'
me nooo harm
Now I'm just a woman... in your arms
I'm beggin' and pleadin' and screamin' and bleedi'
don't leave
me nooo harm

The Truth
I want to know the truth. I want to know your lies.
I want to know if you ever cared when I was by your side

Share your thoughts of heart aches and lost loves.....

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