Thursday, March 29, 2012

2007 poems

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By Karla Mera (2007)

I'm not anti Christ
anti Religion
Agnostic nor Atheist
I believe what I believe
I believe, I believe

I'm in no position to tell you which one to receive
but if you believe in nothing,
if anything at all.
Know that you must believe in something,
if anything at all

By Karla Mera (2007)

I said I loved you, I'll love you forever
but I've moved on,
I have to move on
because I love him.
Do I love him? yes I do,
but never as much as I love you

No one would compare
never will they come close.
My heart beats in my hands,
as love subsides like a ghost.
Always there but can't be seen
Can they blame us? We are only human beings.

Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Did you ever love me?

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Did you ever love me?
because I always did.
I asked you to let me go
but you swore you'd never quit.

Now, I'm sure that you are deaf
because I did, many times, confess
fears of new relationships.
My heart can't handle
that long term grieving.
It's in distress.
Weak and healing.

But your words are no antitdote
all they were,
were decieving.
You've put me in a position
where my mind and body has gone in remission
It's heart failure and I believe
that I am dying of the broken heart disease 

Tuesday, March 6, 2012

A true Artist - Micklyn

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Check out her site. What first caught my eye on google was a picture she has taken with 3 puppies and a cupcake. It made for a great birthday card.

Micklyn on red bubble website


Publish Post
I have a wonderful husband. I have ten kids. (Why do I have ten kids? They kept turning out so great that I didn’t see any reason to stop.) I have a Canon 600D and a bunch of pencils. I like taking photographs, I like drawing, I like playing in photoshop, I hate changing nappies, but I do it anyway. All the time. I love redbubble, it
’s fantastic.
My work is (mostly) sentimental. So if you don’t like ‘sweet’ or ‘cute’ or ‘family’ or ‘children’ shots, you may not enjoy it so much. Of course, I’d love you to have a look, anyway. : )
I give glory to God, because he has given me both the things that I photograph and draw, and the tools with which I photograph and draw them. He has richly provided me with models and subject matter and has given me the time, space and capacity to work. Without Him I can do nothing.
Thanks for stopping by.
Please respect that my work is copyrighted © All rights reserved.
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