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Culture Shock 2010 Lineup announced and 2010 FOOD VENDORS

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culture shock line up video!!! 1 of 3

Now that 2010 culture shock is coming up here at Purchase College, it means that new elections are under way! which I am excited about because I will be running, and with all the changes going on through out the PSGA i feel as if there are a lot of good people running this year, both with mec, gpc and other executive positions]so keep ypur ears open and choose who you feel is right

CUlture shock to me is an experience and that is what people vote for, Culture Shock helps the students escape into a world that is truly the core of Purchase College and I really hope we see some exciting things

NEWS to come! OAPIA interview with Josh Kahn and me! talking about running for the Position of MEC...this will be a 2 part interview since i got a lot of video with him
Also ...


Culture Shock Food Vendors 2010

1.) Schnitzel & Things - Vendi Award wining Chicken and Pork Schnitzel.  Great for vegetarians/vegans as well with austrian potato salad, yukon golden fries, roasted beets and feta salad plus more!  Featured on the food channel and soon to be featured on Bizarre Foods with Andrew Zimmerman  (German/ Austrian dish)

2.) Juan's Anticuchos - Hispanic style beef shish Kebob, 2 sticks with meat and a side of 2 sliced potatoes.  Price Range $1.50-4

3.)  Brown Rice Family - Returning once again, Asian Jamaican Mixed food, All organic brown rice, asian curry, steamed vegetables, organic japanese rice ball, green tea cookies and green tea.  Price range $2-7

4.) Brenda Watts Deep Fryer and Grill - (10x10 tent 3 table top deep fryers w/ a grill set up) Turkey Burgers and Sausages,  fresh cut fries with cheese, foot long hotdogs, funnel cakes, fried oreos,  lemonade and Ice tea for beverages.  Price range $2-5

5.) The flavor vault - Kosher mini donuts made with non hydrogenated oil.  Flavors include plain, powered, cinnamon and more. $3 for a bag=dz with ice tea, lime aid and water for beverages.  Price range $2-3

6.) Carnival Food - Sam's choice

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