Friday, May 27, 2011


Friday, May 27, 2011
I saw Gattaca again the other day and felt inspired to write a poem I titled of coarse, Gattaca.
I'm quite proud of it.    Also attach are some older writings from my youth.

The concept of body and mind
in which we intertwine
our thoughts and actions
are only a fraction
of what the universe holds
Choosing to hide and deceive
what humans normally perceive
Shunned from actuality
only to be protected by practicality
What is real anymore?

(Date: 5/25/2011   By: Karla Mera)

Flowers all around me and I need to be watered
Petals puling slowly . To know is to be deflowered
I know he knows that I can't be consoled
for him I'm not the only bud that lost its soul

(Date: 2008   By: Karla Mera)

Untitled - inspired by  Women's Studies class
You got those crazy eyes again
Darlin' you got me beggin'
Tell me where my place is
Scream and tell me how dumb I is
Because when you touch me it hurts
When I hold you it hurts
and for some strange reason I don't work
I do everything right, so wrong
And for some strange reason we don't work
Someday honey you'll be gone
on that day I'll know we were wrong

(Date: 2/11/2009     By: Karla Mera)

Currently I am watching Lady GaGa's Inside the Outside special and though I am not the biggest fan of her music (I do Love most of her songs) I respect her as a self made artist, business women, entrepreneur and motivator. She's great


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