Sunday, October 17, 2010

Fashion in the Fall

Sunday, October 17, 2010
As a self declared creative unknown
I believe that creativity comes through all forms of life
this includes FASHION

Fashion is today's world can't be described until years from now when we look back and say... "What the hell was I thinking?" such as all fashions throughout the years

Im no fashionista (though I wish i was or had the money to be one) I do own a lot of clothes and jewelry and today my creative self actually picked out an outfit that i was inspired to wear due to the Fall cold weather, lack of clean clothing and my obsession with my jean jacket.  In other words I liked what I was wearing today!

I feel like everyone one can and should express themselves through their clothing
no words
no actions
just clothes

Can you take a guess at who I am as a person with todays outfit? describe what kind of characteristics i give off or portray. Let me know thanks!

This is my creativity through the form of clothing, style and my own personal fashion sense

Fashion gives creativity a new platform to be performed on
life is a stage
make the most of it, and make sure you look good doing it

I know most people think that they don't own ANYTHING! I feel the same way and often catch myself saying "I hate my clothes" but i can put a good outfit together here and there, I think thinks others can do the same as well.  Just keep experimenting your clothes and if all else fail, switch unwanted clothes with friends.  Reduce, Re use and Recycle your clothes

The Jean Jacket was from Kohl's (I often wear this jacket. I love it!) and Kohl's has some cute things out. so i would definitely check them out, Im the kinda bargain hunter fashionista, if you could even call me one) If It's under 12 bucks I will most likely want it.  I also hoard my clothes, I have some stuff since 7th grade

Jean Jacket - Kohl's
Salt and Pepper Sweater - American Apparel
Leggings - American Apparel

I just saw this but another inspired look with a jean jacket, i think it is similar to my outfit, i'll definitly wear something like this once the weather gets warmer, not gor a while ugh!

(Cool jean jacket outfit with awesome black leggings)

(no make up)

I used to work at American Apparel so I own a decent amount of clothes from there but honestly you can pull this look with just about anything lying around. In my opinion every girl should have a good pair of black leggings. ALWAYS! Also if this blog taught you anything I hope it teaches you that you should own a jean jacket, bargain hunt and be happy with the clothes you have, some people don't even have clothes.  But I'd love to see what others are wearing! show what you got!

                                                                           ( I look like a fatty here haha)

Nay or YAY???, you decide....
would you wear this outfit? post your fall outfits!


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