Thursday, August 4, 2011

where the fire flies congregate

Thursday, August 4, 2011
fields of open space
in universal darkness
where only neon flashes escape
beneath the stars they are amongst them
where the fire flies congratgate
in hopes to procreate
span out for miles
at night where the wilderness is wild
and forever they search for a mate
in hopes they arent tricked
by predators who will end their fate
Lonely lovers soaring around
in pitch black summer cool
without a sound
There is no light to guide their ways
they are that light which never fades
Let them be found for what they are
a tiny insect with one incentive
that they'll find love no matter how far
in this time of stars and light
On my bike I ride along
I watch the show of a glowing fight
how beautiful is today's tonight
and as i quickly ride on home
I hit one on my handle bars.
late arrival i assume,
poorly realizing what I've caused
tonight someone will go home alone


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